Los abrazos por la espalda, esos son los mejores.



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da lo mismo si son por la espalda, con tal de que sean tuyos todo estará bien.


Andrew Garfield for BandOfOusiders - August 2014 (x)

'Cause you're all I've got


Love his smile

- What Simple Plan song defines each band member?
- ‘Loser Of The Year’ :)

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'Pierre Bouvier's Myspace Vlog'

David wearing beanies

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Happy Birthday, Jeff Stinco!

"The thing that I love the most about Jeff is absolute devotion to trying to be the best guitar player he can be. He’s always practicing, always spending time learning new stuff. Even when he has days off he’ll just practice and practice and practice and learn new songs. I think he brings up our band to the next level." - Chuck

“Borra sus fotos, si regresan se tomarán mejores. Borra sus mensajes, si vuelve te mandará unos más bonitos. Y si no, ¿para qué los quieres?”


"For us, we’re lucky to have fans who show us their love.everywhere around the planet, but we wanna give back, we wanna make a difference like we’ve seen with our fans, with our foundation events, to see we can make things better just by making music, an impact in people’s lives, for me that’s more important. It’s mostly a big thank you, it’s because of them that we are capable of doing what we’re doing today, the foundation exists because of them, our band, our music as well, it’s all thanks to them. Simple Plan would never exist without our fans, so thank you, we love you!”. - Pierre Bouvier.